The Music at Tri-State Jazz Society


About the Music

What sort of jazz will you experience at Tri-State Jazz Society events?

Tri-State Jazz Society presents performances by artists who specialize in the very earliest styles of jazz music, with a focus in the genre of "traditional" jazz. These styles include:

For more information about early jazz, be sure to visit the article by Ed Wise, “A Brief History of Jazz.”

Who are the artists?

Some of the artists and bands who have appeared at Tri-State Jazz Society concerts are:

More information about many of these musicians is available on their websites. See Bands & Musicians on the Links menu.  

"Way Down Yonder in New Orleans" was arranged by Ed Wise, performed by the Philly-based Dixie Kings, co-led by Dave Posmontier and Stan Slotter at Tri-State Jazz Society, Wallingford, PA on January 7, 2018. It's a great example of the style old timers in the Crescent City would call "traditional New Orleans" but has been referred to as "Dixieland" by some northerners (according to Ed, who lived in Philly after Hurricane Katrina, and served on the TSJS board for 5 years before returning to New Orleans).


If you are new to traditional jazz, words, categories, definitions and history are a poor substitute for listening to the music. For an introduction to the kinds of music you can hear at Tri-State Jazz Society, check out these live performance videos.

Click the video frame to start, then, click the lower right corner of the YouTube frame to view full-screen if you have high speed Internet access.


Improvisations by Joe Holt demonstrating stride piano and other early jazz styles. Joe put this sampler together to promote his February 2011 performance for TSJS.


“China Boy” was played by the Midiri Brothers and friends at the Suncoast Jazz Festival, Clearwater FL, in 2010. This 1920s piece was played by Benny Goodman at his famous 1938 Carnegie Hall concert.